From the Dock: MLA supports health screening

First published in the MLA Newsletter, May, 2012

Dear MLA:

On behalf of the Casco Bay Fishing and Islands Community Partnership at USM, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for your support and assistance at the 37th Annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum in Rockport.

We were very pleased with the success of the health screening clinic. Over two days, we were able to see 99 clients and provided blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose screenings. We were also able to give Tdap vaccinations and skin cancer screenings this year.

Your donation to our group enabled us to buy supplies for our free health screening clinic. Our clients truly appreciated these services and many rely on us to provide them. Thank you again for all the wonderful assistance and support that you provided to our Partnership!

Jennifer Sweeney and Kristie Scribner

Clinic Leaders

Casco Bay Fishing and Islands Community Partnership