From the Dock: Work smarter, not harder

Dear MLA,

This has not been a great spring for me, and I know I’m not alone – I hear it from guys around me in Casco Bay and I hear it from guys Downeast. With a warm winter and spring, and the early arrival of shedders, this season has been an exception but it’s prompted me to start thinking differently about how I fish and how the industry fishes.

I’m steaming about 50 miles to get to my gear just to pick away on bullshit lobsters and I can’t help but think we’re going about this business all wrong. I’ve recently started thinking about ways we could increase our profitability by getting our fuel and bait costs down – and I think that looking at defining a season around this part of the year could make a lot of sense and solve a lot of our problems.

I know that the Monhegan study has its criticisms, but I think it’s a decent model that we should still think about. We need to be more strategic about how we fish and I know that we all need to work smarter, not harder. I’m as hesitant to change the lobster industry as anyone, but I’m tired of this status quo. We need a change.

Rusty Parmenter
F/V Patricia Ann
Chebeague Island