Lobster landings, price strong throughout coast

First published in Landings, April, 2015. 

Untitled-4The total value of Maine’s commercial marine resources landed in 2014 jumped by more than $44 million compared to 2013 and reached an all-time high of more than $585 million. The overall rise in value can be attributed largely to an $86 million increase in the value of lobster and an additional $1.8 million in the value of scallops.

For the third straight year, Maine lobster harvesters landed over 120 million pounds. The fishery increased in value over 2013 to record high of nearly $457 million paid at the docks.

The increase in landings and in price was felt throughout the coast. The bump in soft shell lobster landings in 2012 which occurred in June did not happened again. Rather, in 2013, the peak volume of lobster was landed during the late summer and fall months.
The strongest landings continued to come from eastern zones, namely zones A, B, C and D.

The lobster boat price has taken an upward turn since its sharp dip in 2012, while landings have remained stable. This is a sign of increased demand for Maine lobster, and the shift in the strongest landings to the fall rather than spring and early summer months. Overall landings of lobster from both Maine and Canada combined have increased exponentially since the early 2000s.landings graphs