Membership Update

First published in Landings, September, 2016.

Thank you if you have already renewed your membership or joined as a new member! For the rest of you who haven’t yet sent in your renewal or haven’t yet joined, it’s not too late!

The MLA is a membership organization, which means we can’t do it without you. In the ten months I have been here, I have been nothing but impressed. Impressed with conversations I have had with members, prospective members or non-members. Your passion for the lobster industry shone through in every conversation I had, even when you disagreed.

I am impressed with the thoughtfulness of the MLA Directors, all of whom were elected by YOU, the members. These fisherman discuss, debate, disagree and ultimately come together to share a position to protect and serve this amazing resource.

I am impressed with the dedication shown by everyone I meet. From harvesters working hard in all weather to the dealers, working days and sometimes nights to sell your product; to the manufacturers, making or distributing products you need to get the job done; to the people in offices and meetings from the Zone Councils to the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative.

In this large state, with lobstermen’s concerns that are as varied as the harbors they come from, I am impressed with the dedication of the MLA staff to keep working for you, your community, and the industry, even when you aren’t happy with the way things are going and say so loudly.

We know that the lobster industry matters to you. We value your support. Help us continue to support you for another 62 years. Join today!