Maine After Midnight takes place Chicago-style

On July 17, the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC) headed to the Midwest to host another Maine After Midnight event in Chicago. The late-night gathering took place at GT Fish & Oyster, a thriving seafood restaurant that opened in 2011. The Maine After Midnight event gives a taste of Maine lobster to chefs and culinary influencers in Chicago after they close their own restaurants for the night. The MLMC hosted the event to educate and inspire local chefs and industry leaders in one of the largest and most influential food hubs in the country.

Chef Giuseppe Tentori presented his own interpretations of Maine’s iconic seafood to the city’s top chefs and media. The event highlighted the culinary versatility of Maine lobster, and included a taste test of hard-shell and new-shell lobster. Maine lobstermen were there to talk to attendees about the state’s sustainable fishing practices which have kept the lobster fishery healthy.

Maine lobsterman Polie Beal (left) explains the difference between Maine new-shell and hard-shell lobsters at the Maine After Midnight
chef industry night at GT Fish & Oyster on Monday, July 17, in Chicago. MLMC photo.

“I recently visited Maine and saw first-hand the fishery in action,” said Chef Giuseppe Tentori. “As a chef, I take great pride in the ingredients I feature and serve to my guests. I was able to meet the fishermen who harvest Maine lobster and saw the pride that they have for the product and the passion they have for ensuring the future of the fishery.”

“Lobstering for us isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life,” said Chris Welch, a young Kennebunk lobsterman. “We are so excited to be able to share our stories with these chefs and educate them about what goes into harvesting Maine lobster and the pride we take in working hard to maintain the fishery.

The next Maine After Midnight event will take place on August 7 in San Francisco CA with host Chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski at their restaurant, The Progress, Followed by a final event in New York City on September 18 with host Chef Jonathan Waxman at his restaurant Barbuto.