DMR Aquaculture: Experimental Lease Application Status for September

Experimental Lease Applications

Name of Applicant/CompanySiteTownSizeProductDurationStatus
Mussel Bound Inc. N of Thomas Isl. Frenchman BayBar Harbor3.58 acresShellfish3 yrsComment Period Ended 8/24/19
Downeast InstituteNear Mud Hole Pt, Estrn Bay, Mud Hole CoveBeals4 acresShellfish3 yrsPublic Hearing Held 2/4/20
Downeast InstituteJoan’s Pound, Black Duck Cove, Eastern bayBeals0.84 acresShellfish3 yearsAppl. submitted, comments due 9/11/20
Downeast InstituteElmer’s Pound, Black Duck Cove, Eastern BayBeals1.14 acresShellfish3 yearsAppl. submitted, comments due 10/2/20
Ferda Farms LLCE Lower Coombs Isl, New Meadows RiverBrunswick3.86Shellfish3 yearsComments closed 6/18/2020
Sea Stuff, LLCN of Li’l Chebeague, W of Indian PtChebeague Isl3.9 acresMarine Algae3 yrsLease DENIED 8/6/20
Jeffrey SchroederBroad Cove, St George RiverCushing4 acresShellfish3 yrsLease granted 8/19/20
Sea Run Fisheries & HabitatE of Western Head & Li’l Rvr Isl, Cutler HrbrCutler4 acresFinfish3 yearsComments due 4 pm 4/3/20
Deep Blue AquacultureW of Hog Isl, Penobscot bayDeer Isle3.86 acresShellfish3 yrsComment Period closes 3/28/20
Mussel Bound Inc. Barlett Narrows, Blue Hill BayMount Desert3.55 acresShellfish3 yrsPublic Hearing Postponed  as of 11/1/19
Victor DoyleE of Barlett Isl, Blue Hill BayMount Desert1 acreShellfish3 yrsPublic Hearing Postponed
Hermit Island Oyster Co., LLCHermit Isl, Small Pt Hrbr, New Meadows RvrPhippsburg0.76 acresShellfish3 yrsLEASE GRANTED 8/6/20
Saltwind Seafarm LLCopp side Demis Bar, Nonesuch RiverScarborough3.15 acresShellfish3 yrsComments due 4 pm 4/5/20
Dirigo Marine Resources, LLCE of Wolfe’s neck, Recompense BaySo Freeport3.85 acresShellfish3 yearsappl. rec’d; comment period closes 8/2/20 

Experimental Lease: up to 3 years, 4 acres and is non-renewable

Maine Aquaculture Leases

Public Participation in Aquaculture Leasing

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