In the state of Maine, lobster traps may be set at any time between June 1st and September 1st. Traps cannot be hauled after 4pm on Saturdays and cannot be hauled at any time on Sundays. Traps may be hauled any day of the week until sunset throughout the rest of the year.  

Most lobsters are caught during the summer months from Late May to September when lobsters migrate inshore due to the warmer waters. 

Click here for a PDF of lobstering times for 2020 from DMR

Dropping a trap – photo by Sam Whitney

Who Can Have a Lobster License?

Lobstering in Maine was once a fishery exclusive to commercial fishermen. However, in 1996, the State of Maine passed a law which allowed Maine residents to possess a lobster/crab license as a recreational fishery. This is exclusive to Maine residents, who must also undergo a training to ensure the fishery remains sustainable and the population remains healthy. 

DMR page for license renewal:

Where Can Lobstermen Fish?

When a lobsterman applies for a commercial license, he or she is assigned to a certain region which can consist of different trap limits based on the number of lobstermen in the region. These regions are called zones, there are 7 zones on the coast of Maine, labelled a-g.

Lobstering Zones in Maine