The zone that is assigned to a lobsterman dictates the number of traps they can have and set. Most zones allow lobstermen to fish up to 800 traps at a time, while some allow only 600 traps at a time. 

Although a lobsterman may be allowed to fish 800 traps at a time, they don’t necessarily have to set the maximum number of traps. 

At least 50% of a lobstermen’s traps must be set within their assigned zone, and the rest can be set within other zones if they choose to do so. However, when exiting and entering new and different zones, the trap limit must be abided by of the zone you are assigned. That means if you are part of zone ___ with a trap limit of 800, and you choose to set you other traps in zone ___ with a limit of 600 traps, you must then only set 600 traps in total.

Each zone has their own trap limits:

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