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In The News: February 2020

Cautious optimism greets US-China trade deal The new U.S.-China trade agreement, signed in January, does not eliminate Chinese tariffs, but does require China to buy $32 billion worth of American agricultural products over the next … Continue reading

Guest Column: World’s largest fish market is astonishing

First published in Landings, December, 2015. Jeff Bennett, senior trade specialist at the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) said the word “Tsukiji” (pronounced “tskee-gee”) and I was sold. For last month’s State of Maine Trade … Continue reading

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Offshore in the Cold

First published in Landings, January, 2020 Fishing in the winter is hard. The temperature, the wind, the onset of sudden and brutal storms, all make lobstering during a Maine winter a hazardous way to make … Continue reading